Innovation within the recruitment industry encourages us to explore new means of finding candidates for our hiring community in ways that make it faster and cheaper. For example:

  • Using predictive analytics and big data to anticipate pipeline  planning and job-response optimisation
  • Programmatic advertising to purchase advertising space
  • Introducing chat bots to interact with candidates about a specific live vacancy 

Ultimately, these innovations should lead to a reduction in the size of your recruitment team.  But in today’s candidate rich and social savvy marketplace, it is critical to ensure that delivering a brilliant candidate experience features at the very top of your team’s agenda.

Therefore, perhaps now is a good time to consider the future skill set and training requirements needed to find and deliver better talent for your organisation? Going back in time many people moved from other parts of the organisation into recruitment admin roles.  These skills were complemented by hiring in experienced recruitment consultants. Fast forward the clock to today, we now need team members with a broad range of skills which include:

  •  being Social Media Savvy
  • knowing how to attract the optimum number of high quality candidates
  • being able to analyse and interpret complex data
  • having awareness of the science behind different selection tools and being able to assess candidates using a range of assessment techniques
  • demonstrating high levels of advocacy and passion for the organisation
  • being detail orientated to ensure that your applicants are processed quickly and accurately
  • being results orientated in terms of filling the vacancies with quality candidates at optimum cost
  • being able to accurately convey your organisation’s unique employer proposition in a compelling manner at each step throughout the process

On one level our purpose has not changed - we need to fill vacancies with quality candidates at the lowest cost possible.  But the way in which we find and deliver great talent into our hiring communities is changing rapidly, therefore we need to consider if the skills we have around us today are the right skills for our current business and in the future.

Written by Angela Yates, Director of Resourcing Operations.