Employers can be too worried about policing how employees can use social media that their efforts to minimise risk become a detriment to establishing a flourising and active employer brand.

Here's some thoughts on how you can build employee advocacy on social:

  • Start a working group between marketing, HR and a leadership champion. Decide what you're trying to achieve, and if your organisation already includes socially active employees and content creators then get them on board too.
  • If you have no internal capability or skill in social media hire an external expert to give you a strategic hand; Once you have the strategy and guidelines in place you should be able to deploy internally.
  • Instead of a restrictive social media policy that focusses on what employees shouldn't do, devise an internal comms campaign that tells them what they can do and why!
  • Start somewhere, and start now! Because starting somewhere is better than not starting at all!

Ideas on channel use:

  • Instagram - Engage and attract with great photography - show what it's like to work at your company! Use Instagram stories to inspire potential employees. JP Morgan have been doing some great stuff on their corporate page recently!
  • Facebook - if used for talent acquisition, it can be useful for employee story telling across borders. Lululemon makes health and fitness fashionable, and as a progressive employer they stay true to their brand by encouraging staff to participate in range of fitness classes and yoga (all free of course), they document all of this on their Facebook page and their employees and fan base alike interact with their content.
  • Twitter and LinkedIn - thought leadership and industry expertise, encourage employees to produce content relating to their subject matter expertise, not to mention social selling!
  • Yammer / Jostle - these are two of many internal social media channels - allowing better internal communication and collaboration between employees, especially in global or multi-site companies can encourage employee mobility - after all why look for external new hires when you may have talented employees in your business who may be looking for a new challenge.

Social media is no longer an option!