Here's some really interesting stats from SocialReferral who've done a study with 155 HR decision makers.

Many businesses recognise the value of social media and see that they can help the employer brand come to life. However, many people are worried about losing control of the brand.

75% of businesses believe a change in the traditional approach to recruitment is needed and 62% feel they need to strengthen the narrative around why candidates should choose them - yet only 41% of those surveyed encourage current employees to share their own stories as a way of expressing the employer brand.

Whilst 61% of those surveyed were happy for employees to share job postings and news stories, their worry was that they didn't have time to monitor employee comments and were therefore reluctant to allow it. 

The result can therefore be that the social channels turn into a broadcast medium rather than a source of authentic input or actual engagement with potential employees. It's a poor candidate experience. It's a poor representation of your employer brand. And ultimately it is a massive missed opportunity.