There is a big difference between having an Employee Value Proposition and managing your employer brand to deliver the right results.  Being able to articulate what it is like to work somewhere and the culture and values that exist is fine but if that is as far as it goes then you could be missing the point.  It is about bringing this to life internally and externally such that your talent audiences and employees engage with it and experience it.  This means that you need to plan on how to share, champion and experience what the brand means.  Externally there are so many content points where your brand is shared from Glassdoor to Linked In not forgetting the careers website as the primary point of research.

Next in line to consider is the whole candidate experience of the application and selection process.  How does this demonstrate your brand values and bring to life the culture and values of the organisation?  How does this extend through offer, on-boarding and then induction?

Finally how do you build engagement and experiences internally with employees about the brand and then get them to amplify this internally and externally?

So if these questions make you doubt the power of your employer brand then maybe the question is do you have a well constructed, insight based EVP?  If you do, is there a clear strategy to manage the brand to make a difference?