The average person spends approx 2 hours on social media today, according to Socialmediatoday. According to YouGov 2017 research 73% of adults accessed the internet “on the go” using a mobile phone or smartphone, more than double the 2011 rate of 36%. It is reasonable to assume that using a small screen has an impact on how you absorb information.  According to Nielsen the average customer spends 60 seconds on a web page and reads less than a 1/4 of the text.

With so much information out there - so many messages, so many ads and so much content - how do you stand out? The answer, according to this article published by Nielsen, is: be creative. 

The channels may change. How you distribute your message might change. But the need for good content will never change - and now, perhaps more than ever, you need to embrace creativity in order to be heard.