Over the last dozen or so years the amount of money spent on recruitment marketing in the UK has fallen by £1 billion.  The shift to RPO or in-house teams typically using sourcing as their preferred candidate generation method has grown significantly over this period of time.  Is that part of the reason we are faced with these statistics reported by the REC? If you are facing candidate shortages the questions to ask might be "am I getting my vacancies in-front of enough of the talent pool I am trying to attract?"  

The agencies have only a limited pool of people they are engaged with and scarce talent is starting to switch off their profiles as they get bombarded with recruiters contacting them.

The use of broadcast media which was once the main stay of candidate attraction has largely been binned off as expensive or inefficient but given the data being reported this month is it time to go back to tried and tested methods and start to get your message in the market loudly and with real impact?

The channels are more varied and more targeted than they used to be but the ability to reach larger audiences is still available and maybe, just maybe by widening your reach and using your employer brand to convey emotive and engaging messages you may start to see pipelines grow and some of the challenges diminish.