Whilst us recruiters may like to think that from point of application through to hire is a fairly linear process its becoming increasingly clear that isn't always the case. 

The traditional 'funnel' no longer reflects a real candidates experience and journey through the recruitment process and its certainly not a journey without its u-turns and pit stops. So whilst we'd like to think that once we have captured someones attention with our job advert it would lead directly to an application it doesn't always work that way. More often than not it means a quick look at the companies Glassdoor profile, a nose-around their social media pages and a quick chat to their next door neighbor to get the low-down from their son who used to work there. Its also not a journey in which each step is mutually exclusive of the other or even in sequential order! At each step in the journey we need to be making sure that the tools we have in place are working as hard as possible in order to turn that initial interest into an application.