Up to 300,000 people with long-term mental health problems have to leave their jobs each year, a report says. It also claims poor mental health costs the UK economy up to £99bn each year. Prime Minister Theresa May, who commissioned the report, said it showed "we need to take action". She is asking NHS England and the civil service to accept the report's recommendations.

TMP think this is a really important topic and we are planning a webinar with Colin Minto.  He is a specialist in global resourcing/HR change leader who ‘opened up’ about his personal mental health experience, and war on his OCD, in People Management Magazine in August 2016. The article stimulated the creation of the Mental Health in Business LinkedIn Group and Mental Difference at Work overt and covert questioning community on Rungway, plus a host of opportunities to support seminars, conferences and initiatives to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace. Creator of the HERO Mental Health Readiness and ENABLE Mental Difference Models and a serial blogger on industry and mental health matters, Colin is passionate about being open, to support others and inform businesses how to best embrace and harness the power of mental difference.

He will be sharing his experiences and ideas on how to tackle some of the challenges of mental health in the work place with us in December If you are interested then sign up for our newsletter on www.tmpw.co.uk and we ill notify you of how to register.