“Clients do not come first. Employees come first . If you take care of the employees, they will take care of the clients” – Richard Branson.

So, it’s an old quote, much shared on social media, with many posts and blogs written discussing the subject.  But as RPO organisations, it resonates.  We have to ask, do we practice what we preach (and if not why not?!)

At Yocto, when we partner with our clients, a core focus of our work is around the importance of candidate experience. What does it feel like from a candidate's perspective to partake in that organisation’s hiring process? Is the candidate king? If not, they should be.

We build bespoke recruitment process centered around delivering an exceptional candidate experience which is mapped to the hiring organisations’ EVP, delivering a branded process aligned to our clients’ organisational values.

To us, candidates are customers and to candidates the recruitment process is indicative of the employee experience, so we only have one opportunity to get it right.  Candidates will share their views, good or bad and with the evolution of sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed, so too will employees.

Great effort and care is taken to plan for a faultless candidate experience, but yet many organisations fail to recognise that there is a strong link between employee engagement and the quality of the work delivered.

Put simply, if employees feel engaged, valued, respected and looked after, they are far more likely to want to go the extra mile for customers.  According to ACAS, 80% of employees who consider themselves “engaged” have received reward or recognition for good work. You only have to look at the example of Costco in the US, where a policy of salary and benefit enhancements, linked directly to employee retention, has kept the organisation at the top of the retail market, whereas competitors such as Amazon and Walmart have suffered. If employees feel happy, they’re also much more likely to say positive things about their employer which is a win-win for potential new hires and it’s a win-win for customers...

Consider the impact of putting an engaged and valued employee in front of a customer – there’s a direct correlation between happy employee and happy customer; they’re passionate about the clients they work with and  much more likely to go the extra mile and deliver a compelling client service, every time.

Engagement doesn’t necessarily mean salary increases; there are many other ways to show appreciation for the great work done – offering flexible / autonomous working, an improved office environment or even just those Friday post work drinks all contribute to the feeling of good will. 

Written by Emma Beckley, Client Relationship Director