When I was an asthmatic teenager, I couldn't see the benefits of not being able to inhale smoke. Like any 16-year-old I was immortal, unharassed by fears of lung cancer, and would quite liked to have stood round outside the back of the school with the bad kids, proving I was cool with a pack of Camels.

I'm a bit different on the topic now. I'm glad I never started.

But who could have predicted that one day, not only would being a non-smoker have the benefit of tidy nails, clean lungs and a healthy sperm count... but it would also bag you extra days of holiday?

Interesting employer practices by this marketing firm in Japan -- grounded in pure practicality. 

They're based on the 29th floor of an office block — meaning that any cigarette break lasts at least 15 minutes, according to staff. 

So rather than nanny-stating the smokers, they're incentivising the non-smokers.

Smart.  Probably controversial. 

What do you think?