When I first read this I did a double take and thought this was fake news but then as I read the rest of the article I realised that this was probably true. As employers seek to find access to the rare skills and talent in the market then how do they stand out? How do you let your employer brand engage with talent, standing out and sharing your brand attributes so that they consider you as a potential employer. Other examples in the article look at McDonald's using Snap-chat which I have come across before but when you look at the data it makes perfect sense.  81%, that’s how many people, particularly millennials use Snapchat every month. In comparison Instagram attains a lower 23% and Facebook just 11%. Snapchat has in recent years become a craze among millennials entering into the workplace. MacDonald’s recently made use of video ads and “snaplications” to appeal to the young prospective employees on the app.

To engage with the talent you want to hire you need to know what their media habits are and create the right content to engage with them in how they want to engage with you not necessarily how you would choose to engage with them.