The section of text below is a direct lift from the Women in Finance Charter.  It champions a key diversity challenge and is engaging with businesses across the UK to help drive results for women across the entire spectrum of the finance industry. I attended their first awards ceremony earlier this year where many leading organisations had stood up to be counted.

I am delighted to support our customer Virgin Money as they launch an app. The 2016 ‘Empowering Productivity’ report identified 10 Positive Actions businesses could focus on to drive gender balance across the Financial Services sector. A recent YouGovsurvey of people in Financial Services verified the 10 Positive Actions.The Women in Finance app is designed to support understanding of the positive actions, sharing best practice examples from Financial Services Companies. With case studies, recent research and practical tools this app is a hub of best practice and a valuable resource for companies seeking to improve gender balance and become truly inclusive.

The #WomenInFinanceapp is free and available now, with advice and information to help deliver gender diversity