Just when you thought you had cracked generation Millennial there's (quite literally) a new kid in town. Born between 2010 and 2025, these children of the millennials, most of whom aren't even born yet, will be better supplied with technology than any previous generation before them.

It's hard to imagine what the world will be like for Generation Alpha but it's likely that they will be left with a legacy of over-population, economic and environmental crisis. Therefore their needs and drivers are going to be different from each generation before them. 

With a working population now spanning over 4 generations employers are going to have to work even harder than before to make sure that they can provide opportunities that not only suit their current workforce but appeal to the more demanding and independent Generation Alpha who will know their worth and won't be afraid to use it to leverage anything they want.

This article from Grant Thornton and Cranfield School of Management is a good exploration of some of the factors we will all need to consider.