This is my first blog for Yocto, and that's a bit odd for two reasons:


  1. I blog. A lot. I share lots of content through professional and personal channels and I'm generally not short of something to say about the wonderful world of technology I feel so passionate about.
  2. Yocto's market is a multi-faceted wonder world of technology. So there should be a union of those two things that provides me with both the impetus and the content for this blog. But actually the opposite was true, I spent hours trying to decide on a topic that would announce my arrival on the Yocto blog board with a flourish and a jaunty wink.


This made no sense to me, but I glumly turned to Google and requested she find me a "blog ideas generator". I know, I know, I feel so ashamed.


There are a number of these services; usually you provide three or four words about stuff you may know something about and the generator provides a list of potential subject titles. It's then up to you to decide which gets the creative juices flowing and to fill in the words on the page. I spent a while trying various words but while doing so started to wonder why the generator couldn't also provide the actual content for me.


Combining dictionary, thesaurus and a semantic generator should allow these generators to create the title (presumably they work on a formulaic template) and then fill in all the words in some semblance of order. If we can get systems to parse resume's and understand what a candidate has written, we should be able to produce a simple blog post. This year the consumer agency McCann's Japanese agency made an AI creative director and started merrily creating videos and adverts with some success, so it stands to reason that I could get an AI to do my blog for me whilst I get on with "other stuff".


But what other stuff? Insight, intelligence and blogging is a part of my role at Yocto and something I enjoy, why would I want a machine to take over and do it for me? Some stuff I'm happy to automate, getting Google to trawl through billions of sites to find what I'm looking for is a good use of technology and I'm happy to not have to do it myself; clearly it would be impossible. So matching the right technology to the right task is important, it's why people turn to RPO agencies like Yocto.


Now, if I could only think of a blog topic…