I recently spoke to the founders of a new start up company about their social media presence. It was interesting because in many ways they had they opposite problem to many other organisations I’ve spoken too. You see, usually, I find myself pushing the benefits of video all the time, only to be met with resistance such as “it’s too expensive” or “we don’t have time.” But these guys were committed to producing high quality, video content - they just had a poor social media presence!

As far as I’m concerned, that’s not a bad place to start. I find actually getting/producing high-quality content is the hard part, once you’ve got that, all you need is a good social media strategy which only requires someone who knows what they’re doing (hint hint.)

What was particularly interesting was the strategy they had in mind. They are a corporate training/coaching organisation, but the particular source of their inspiration was… The Body Coach. That’s right, the bloke with the hair! If you’re not familiar, Joe Wicks was a London based personal trainer who started experimenting with social media in 2014. Before he knew it, Joe had 2.5 million Facebook likes and 1.8 million Instagram followers. Famous for his "Lean in 15" plan, meal-prepping evangelism and speedy workouts. How did he do it?

His success (in his own words) was kind of an accident, a case of trial and error rather than any particular strategy. I think the simple attribute key to his success is... value.

This is what the company I spoke to wanted to replicate, to offer their audience something of genuine value; short videos, tips, ideas, that kind of thing. Like Joe with his workout videos and recipes, these are things we can take away and use immediately. If you give your community things for free, does that mean they won't buy your products?  

Just ask Joe who's turning over £1 million a month.

So, in his own words, here's the Body Coach's recipe for social media success: 

Authenticity: You’ve got to be authentic in what you’re saying. That’s a combination of passion and authenticity about adding value to people’s lives.

Consistency: Growing a media platform takes ages but it builds trust and allows you to build engagement – so, if you do have a product, they’ll just love it. You don’t even have to stick it down their throats. 

Tailored content: Understand that all platforms are different, not just in terms of audiences but content. A 15-second video is wicked on Instagram but maybe won’t do as well on Facebook. You can’t just use the same content on different platforms.

Autonomy: Give influencers a little bit of autonomy and trust that they’re not going to take money off you and do the dirty. They want to get the best results out of it because they want to work with you again. If they say they’ve got an idea and they believe it will get more reach than your idea, take a punt on them and let them do it, and it will pay off.

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