Successful talent acquisition relies on some of the real basics being totally fit for purpose.  One area that can be neglected is the job description but if this is not 100% current then there are 2 risks.

The first risk is that the language and context of the role is out of date and does not say the right things that will engage the best talent .  In today's fast moving and ever changing digital world not being current allows people to doubt that your organisation is future proofed and maintaining it's competitive edge.

The second area to consider is that the selection process is not as good as it could be if the selection tools are based on an out of date job description.  Modern selection and assessment tools are essential to a brilliant candidate experience but if the job descriptions are not current and reviewed then it is unlikely that the selection process is not fit for purpose and you may not be hiring the talent for the role in 2018 but 2015 (or when the Job Description was last updated).

In a survey, HR professionals responded on how often they review and revise job descriptions:

  • 50% do so when they need to fill a job;
  • 25% do so at least once a year;
  • 14% do so when someone suggests it needs updating; and
  • 11% do so when they haven’t updated job descriptions in ages.

If you’re not in the 25%, it’s time to re-prioritize job descriptions.