I recently came across this piece from USA "Want more women applicants? Shake up your recruiting practices".  It started to share some really useful insights some of which I have shared below but it also gave me a link to an extensive report called The State of Gender Equality In The Workplace (2017) produced by The Fairygodboss whose mission is to improve the workplace for women. They reach 750,000 women every month and have a growing community sharing experiences and stories.  If you want the full 60-page report you can download it here.  

Given the ongoing news headlines we continue to read each day there is so much room for improvement.  The greater the awareness there is of these issues and the increasing confidence in women to share and tell their stories will all contribute to changing the workplace for the better.

However at TMP Worldwide we focus on the practical steps some of which are mentioned below that build more diverse pipelines, we advise on how to make your employer brand more engaging to the communities you want to target and we undertake research to identify the real insights into what the experience is for females in your workplace and how to move the dial not just talk a good game.