I just received a copy of the 2017 UK Candidate Attraction Report from Eploy. I have to say an interesting read and unsurprisingly it lists professional networks as the second most effective channel for quality behind employee referral.

Most of the respondents I am sure are talking about LinkedIn Recruiter; a fantastic research tool; but it can make recruiters pretty lazy.

I am still amazed at how easy it has become in finding people. Ten years ago there were only a handful of people on LinkedIn and recruiters were gathering names by calling switchboards and actually speaking to people.

So many are now using the ‘spray and pray’ tactics.... a LinkedIn search, perhaps loosely scanning for keywords, before sending a template bulk inmail; and disappointingly even LinkedIn have been reinforcing this behaviour by saying you’re doing a good job if 7 in 10 ignore the contact.

It used to be; you target quality and speak to everyone you attempt to contact. Let’s not be naive; things have changed; perhaps now we can build relationships over social, email, text messaging and we need to work smart; this telephone bashing was a time consuming task and the margins for many doesn’t suit the old fashioned and exhaustive approach. But if the process of ‘finding’ became so much easier, I wonder why so many rushed to drive the efficiency in the contact work.

I say an unfashionable truth; the telephone is still the best weapon in the recruiters armoury…


Written by Chris Green, Head of Candidate Generation