A  report by The Boston Consulting Group’s on Creating People Advantage, the 8th in a series, explores key trends in people management by considering ten broad HR topics and 27 subtopics.

It lays out some real challenges that start at the very top of the HR function starting with better connection internally and externally with stakeholders that can help drive operational and financial performance. Next it suggests that data driven insights should set the urgent priorities and finally that HR needs to create impact by using the right KPIs to ensure that they support the wider organisation with its strategic goals.

TMP's vision is to be the leading partner for talent solutions and the good news from my point of view is that this is very aligned to what this report is saying.  We would welcome the opportunity to get closer to the strategic challenges earlier in the thinking so that we can contribute into shaping the solutions that will drive the performance and efficiency improvements.  Sometimes the positioning of a supplier is in the execution but true partnerships should be much more.