At TMP we are often asked to help organisations improve their engagement with females within the STEM community.  There are lots of solutions we can develop through creativity, social media/relevant content to community building.  But based on the article below you could argue that perhaps the most powerful tool that employers could use is that of employee advocacy where existing female employees are confirming that culture and environment of their organisation is positive and one where females can successfully thrive.

The area of employee advocacy is growing in importance in many organisations as they realise that the best people to influence the perception of their employer brand are those who truly understand it at its deepest level which is their employees.  These are the people that can create authentic content that is believable, according to Nielsen research 84% of "consumers" which in this market are job seekers trust recommendations from people they know compared with just 42% who believe banner ads.

We are conducting a panel webinar in a few weeks when a number of experts will be sharing their views on employee advocacy, why not register and listen in to what they say.