There are many great reasons to use personality tests and other selection tools such as realistic job previews and situational judgement tests but suggesting that the rise in testing is derived from dishonest applicants is not correct in my option. Organisations want to hire "right fit talent" that will perform well, be a strong cultural fit and minimise attrition.

Good selection stems from a deep understanding of what the key behaviours that underpin good performance.  If you can identify good performers from diverse backgrounds and capture that through robust job analysis then you can start to create the right selection process.  This needs to provide an employer brand based journey that uses the right selection interactions, allowing candidates to deselect themselves as well as the hiring organisation sift in those that will reach the performance standards.

The challenge is that all too often the employer focuses too much on hiring for now and yet retention is based on personal and professional development so at TMP we like to add the element of the growth mindset to our selection and assessment design.  What this does is take the context of the company and role and look at the capacity of a candidate to learn and grow in the organisation.  This ensures that the hires that are made not only perform in the role they are being hired for today but have the ability to learn and grow into new roles and positions in the future.