I can't remember the last time a client talked to us about needing to attract tech talent without the words 'challenge',  'problem'  or 'shortage' being part of the brief. If you are wondering how best to attract tech talent, you are definitely not alone.

Traditional job board advertising is not working for lots of tech roles. People with the most sought-after skills simply aren't actively looking for jobs -  because they don't have to. Jobs and organisations will find them.

So what channels do you use to communicate with a largely passive audience about opportunities in your organisation? 

Clearly, that is the million-dollar question. Could be social platforms, meet-ups, tech forums, sponsored hackathons, outdoor ads close to clusters of competitors or a large projection of your recruitment message on the face of the moon etc - but give some thought to how you catch their attention. Are you going for generic/volume channels in the hope that someone with the skills you are looking for sees your ad? Or is your strategy to target those skills specifically?  And why should anyone be interested in a recruitment message, if they were simply in a forum to engage with their peers for example?

 You will probably have to play a long game in order to build up a pipeline of tech talent. This is a crowded and noisy space. What news, information, training, sponsorships or events can you provide which will be of genuine value to your audience and make them want to engage with what you have to say? And don't forget your existing tech teams - can you involve them as proud advocates of your organisation and help spread the word via their own networks? The people you want to talk to aren't actively looking for you, so you need to be creative in both your channel planning and messaging.