First rate. Bull by the horns. Nerd.

Diverse perspectives. Storytelling. Empathetic.

I don't want to believe that the first set of words will get you a disproportionate number of male applicants, or that the second set will get you a disproportionate number of females. 

After all, I'm a 'bull-by-the-horns' kinda gal, who defends her right to be so, and loves working with empathetic men who have good stories to tell.

But the data shows that language does target gender and I love textio as an automated tool that steps outside of emotion. If you give me a bank of copy to edit, I might stubbornly leave in the word 'ambitious' - ignoring the gender implications. 

In my journey to allow myself to be steered by data and not my own view of gender, I enjoyed reading this article about the language used in 10 different tech cultures, and how those cultures might therefore be steering females or males to feel more included.