2017 was the year of “fake news” and alleged Russian interference in the presidential election. 

In its quest to become the primary news source for users. Facebook fell foul to the easy manipulation of its News Feed. And as a result Facebook has lost the trust of many of its users.

Mark Zuckerberg said in his announcement last week “Since there’s more public content than posts from your friends and family, the balance of what’s in News Feed has shifted away from the most important thing Facebook can do – help us connect with each other.”

For some the changes have not been received positively,  For organisations that want to build trust and value authentic employee advocacy - the changes are a good thing. 

The de-prioritization of publisher and brand content will lower the volume of noise for everyone who uses Facebook. This will give your employees a greater chance to be heard and seen. 

In a world of “fake news” and content clutter, Facebook users have a greater trust of information that is shared by their friends and family. 

Smart companies can take advantage of this by creating powerful, compelling, interesting content, and then put it into the hands of their employees for sharing.

It does means employers will need to be smarter and up their game, creating great, meaningful content for advocates. Putting time into making great content that employees are proud to share within their network. 

By engaging your advocates and building great content, you can build trust from the ground up between friends and family – sparking conversation, discussion, and real human connection; this is using social networks like they were meant to be used.