The appetite for video content on websites and social media platforms shows no sign of slowing down.  According to the Drum on the 12th of January Facebook users consume over 8 billion videos a day, 82% of Twitter's audience watch video content on the platform and YouTube users watch a billion hours of video every day.

YouTube isn't just a social channel or a website; it's an extremely large search engine. Think of all the searches you may have done yourself via YouTube. From 'How to....' questions to certain keywords relating to specific subjects or searching for your favourite Vlogger channel. YouTube has, in fact, 3 billion searches per month which, as a search engine, makes it 2nd to Google only. More searches than Bing, Yahoo or AOL. Google owns YouTube, so it's also worth noting that it therefore ranks well on search engine number one.

Search 'jobs UK' and you will get 37,800,000 results. 'Jobs it IT' will give you 36,100,000 results - and if you search for specific company names you will usually get less volume and more relevant results. So, with a video channel which actually works very well as a search engine, have you considered what people might search for in relation to your organisation - and what they might find?