I often take for granted the fortunate position I am in with my organisation who allow me flexible working. We have a mature attitude of getting the work done and not operating a 9 to 5 in the office culture. Which is why this blog from Paul Dunne, Head of Channel Sales UK and Ireland at Plantronics caught my eye.

Given the technology and software available today should we even be discussing what flexible working? Should flexible working be a given?

I appreciate there are jobs and roles where being in the office, hospital, school etc is a requirement and necessity. Surely though common sense dictates that organisations where the delivery of work is not dependent upon being in a specific location, look beyond the standard 9-5 in the office contract. Is not better to engage employees about what will work for them in order to deliver in their role?

An interesting read and one that did challenge my perception that flexible working is part of the modern working life today...