I spend a lot of time talking to lots of people about Candidate Experience, and how important it is. 

After all, the candidate may not be right at this moment in time, but what about in six months or a year down the line?

We can probably all remember a time when, in the past, someone has hurt our feelings or made us sad, and over time the wound has healed you may have moved on, but how would you feel about starting another relationship with that person.

Applying for a job isn't that much different. Take some time to put yourself in the applicants' shoes...

I apply for a job and I get rejected with no feedback whatsoever. That hurts, and I'll remember it. I'll also more than likely never apply for a job with you again (or at least until I've gotten over it).

Maybe I'm a sensitive soul, but there are thousands if not millions like me.

Is it not time to change, and treat these numbers as the people they actually are?