In its "Global Recruiting Trends 2018" report, LinkedIn shared the top 4 trends listed by talent managers and recruiters as "shaping the future of recruiting and hiring." The number one priority was Diversity, identified by 78% of the 9,000 respondents. The reasons they gave to prioritise diversity were, 78% of respondents sought to improve culture, 62% wanted to boost financial performance and 49% intended to better represent customers.

There seems to be little doubt about the benefits of success on D&I but how deeply embedded is change in organisations.  Some of the challenges faced have been developed consciously or unconsciously over years and years and will be hard to overcome.

Policies police behaviour but may not drive change and change is what is required.  As employee advocacy becomes a greater and greater influence on how talent selects new employers then the evidence that an organisation is truly inclusive will become more transparent,  Job-seekers are getting access to more and more  information.  Research by BETTERTEAM stated that 70% of applicants trust what is said by employees at a company and 76% of applicants researched profiles of employees on Linked In.

Great advocacy is achieved with positive employee engagement which is then channeled into a positive sharing process to communicate the employer brand in a more believable format.