How many times have you seen talented people leave an organisation due to poor management or stagnant career opportunities? I've seen it more times than I care to remember, in organisations that you may be surprised at. Although its probably time rethink that old saying 'people leave managers not jobs'. Maybe its just not that simple anymore? Perhaps its becoming more common that it actually really is the content of the role that makes people decide to leave rather than a poor manager.

The working world continues to change and develop at break-neck rates, spurring on the creation of new jobs on a seemingly daily basis, pushing individuals to feel obliged to work in roles that perhaps don't satisfy them or play to their strengths. All of this is going on whilst every self-help book is telling us to follow our passions and 'do what makes you happy'. Can we do both? Can we keep pace with changing skill sets to ensure we don't get left behind in the job market and marry that up with our passions?

This article, written by a number of senior figures within Facebook's People team, really highlights how a small about of flexibility and a belief in an individuals skills and passions can create some really interesting possibilities. Possibilities that will hopefully ensure individuals can feel a sense of purpose and happiness at work, ultimately driving an engaged and performing work force.