Wilson HGC's Fortune 500 top employer brands makes very interesting reading. Yes it's US centric, however there is an awful lot of information that we can glean from the holistic view taken in the report.

Do I personally agree with some of the measures? probably not. But it not only covers the big stuff like Careers site effectiveness, and some of the things we should be really focusing on when looking to re-develop, but also little nuggets of information like:

"Six of 10 job seekers have quit an application due to its length and/or complexity"

There are lots of excuses we'll have for a lengthy application process, and/or over engineering the application form (which probably isn't mobile responsive), but times are changing. 

ATS providers are slowly turning the ship and providing responsive application forms, and more and more companies are talking about the impact a poor application process has. 

So that cave I thought we were in, is becoming more of a tunnel, and yes there is a small light at the end.