More than two-thirds of the world’s population now has a mobile, with most people using a smartphone. Smartphones are the world’s preferred choice for going online too, accounting for a greater share of web traffic than all other devices combined.

This is important in our world of talent attraction. If you forget that not everyone is sat in front of a laptop or a desktop when they search for jobs, you are potentially making the application process rather painful. And it's important to remember that people are literally holding the most obvious communications lead-in that you have in their hands. You can call them if you want to go 'old school'. You can text them. Message them. Facetime them. Target them via social media. Place programmatic ads on the media they consume. Do whatever you need to do - but don't forget that switching from a mobile device to a static one just to make that application isn't something everyone are able to or want to. And if you're recruiting in a crowded market, chance is someone else is making it super easy for candidates to apply.