I just stumbled across this excellent blog by Isha Kharub giving us the "what's trending" in digital marketing this year. Many of the points covered are questions I've already been asked this year, so there may be some answers for you here! 

Isha covers: 

1. New Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm: with less ads and more friend's status updates. What does this mean for businesses and advertisers? 

2. Influencer Marketing: what's it all about? Based on point #1, individual posts by influencers are about to wield more power. 

3. Content Marketing: what do people want to see in 2018?

4. Paid Social Media Advertising: it may be even more important than it used to be, see also Neil Patel's article "why social media is pay to play in 2018

5. Chat Bots: I for one welcome our robot overlords, but for know, how can the rise of AI be used to our advantage? 

Read and enjoy (and thanks Isha for making my job easier)