I spent a stimulating evening with some HR leaders from across the West Midlands, as well as the team from @WMEmployers last night. 

Animated conversation all round (impressive especially as they'd all been for a full day at the @HRD_Connect conference - by all accounts a great event). 

What struck me was that when we started to talk about 'talent management', a number of folk naturally assumed our focus was leadership development or other programmes for 'high potentials'. 

Now we had a good conversation and got some real nuggets, which we'll factor into our thinking and research programme. 

But I'm far more interested in what lense organisations look through when they view their total business. Surely a model where they look to understand the real drivers of all their staff - mindset, passion and ambition - would be really revealing? And, as technology is increasingly allowing greater personalisation, this pipe dream is increasingly real and - equally importantly - affordable. So, let's salute the employers that get there first.