Over the years I have worked with a number of authorities who continuously carry a high number of social care vacancies; adults and children's. 

We are constantly asked by clients to support in filling more than 50  vacancies and we are always challenged to support in an area in which demand is significantly higher than the supply.

I always remember a conversation with a Head of Service; after I proudly (naively) confirmed we had made two appointments in the week; she reminded me she had received three resignations.

I am always interested to hear the expectations of services and HR teams from their suppliers; they vary from resigned to failure from the outset to absolute certainty the supplier should be able to fill all vacancies quickly.

This article supports a good result is now staying ahead of the attrition in the short term. 

I am a generalist and have recruited in some of the most competitive and demanding labour markets known; i'd place social care ahead of nursing and doctors on the difficulty list. 

I think need help from a higher power!