Despite the fact research shows 78 percent of respondents to the "2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends"  believe diversity and inclusion gives a competitive advantage, the observation is that only 12% of organisations have reached maturity.

At TMP we hear the importance of this from many clients and we are involved in everything from research and insight into the issues internally and externally affecting diversity, through building more diverse talent pipelines to ensuring that the selection and assessment of candidates is fair and robust. All of which support making a difference.

The question in my mind is why are we stuck at 12%?  Is it the lack of diverse talent?  Over many years hiring has moved from an application driven approach from broadcasting vacancies to a wide market to a sourcing approach (whether through direct hiring or RPO).  So is the problem one of fishing in too small a pool of talent and not engaging with the total and more diverse target audience?