With an increase in scaremongering around humans losing their jobs to robots and/or AI I often find myself wondering what will the recruitment industry be doing over the next few years.

Will I be able to see myself into retirement (or will I want to)?

Will my children be able to get a job, or will everything be automated?

The one overriding factor that I keep coming back to is that we have a whole bunch of jobs now that didn’t even exist 12 years ago.

The iPhone was released in 2007, and Android shortly after, this brought about the 'App Developer', most people in 2018 will have a rough understanding of what that entails, but back in 2006, it didn’t even exist.

And how about a 'Social Media Manager', the job everyone thinks is far more amazing, and easier than it really is, well, most of the platforms we love/hate use every day, again, didn’t even exist.

So is AI and robotics and automation or whatever you want to call it such a bad thing?

What hot jobs will we have in 12 years’ time, it’s hard to guess, and I won’t even try.

What I personally think is that the human race is a pretty adaptable bunch, we’ll create new things, which will open new job opportunities.

And failing that, for example, the car industry could use a lot more robots, but uses humans instead, so even from a worst case perspective... it might be possible to automate, but for fear of some Skynet (Terminator/ Schwarzenegger) type event, maybe we won’t bother.