If your Monday morning mailbox is anything like mine, it will be full of Google alerts and emails from a source that you have long forgotten that you ever signed up for. So, I'm scrolling through, hitting delete as much as I can in order to get the emails that actually require response or action. 

But then one of them had the headline: How Stories change our Brains. And it caught my attention as it was so different from the many  '10% off if you book now' etc.

So, this was essentially an email to promote Contently’s new book The Storytelling Edge. Let's be clear on that. But it was also really interesting. Here's a paragraph:

 When we were first building civilization, we grouped up in tribes. We had this magnificent brain, but we had to protect it against saber-toothed tigers and poisonous berries and thousands of other things that could kill us at any moment. We had to work together to survive. We had to hunt together, gather food together, make shelter together, and pass on lessons that we learned so that our descendants would survive, too.But how could we do that, when we didn’t have a written language to record what we’d learned, how we’d survived? The answer, of course, was stories. 

It was a really long email. I read all of it. It was interesting and it resonates with me because story telling is what we do for clients, every day. Because job listings don't tell a story. It's the information you attach those listing that do. Your website, social media, people profiles, photographs, videos etc. All stories that engage people on an emotional level which we all need - or we'd just apply for any vacancy in any organisation as long as the job title and salary match our expectations.