I often find myself in conversations around job copy…

How can we optimise this advert to attract, yet give the candidate enough information to self-select?

This is often a very challenging conversation as we all want candidates right? More, more, more. We don’t want to be the rejected, we want to be the rejecter. But what impact does this have on candidate experience?

To bullet or not to bullet?

If you use bullets (and candidates love them by the way, even if we, the recruiters don’t). Please use them in the way they are meant to be used; no paragraphs with a big dot at the front. Keep them as short as possible.

Paragraph length, how long is too long?

I always refer to www.bbc.co.uk/news for this example. Almost every paragraph is one sentence long, rarely will you see a two sentence paragraph. This is because they know most of their content will be consumed on a mobile device, and users eyes can’t cope with large paragraphs, you lose your place in the wall of copy.


You’ll hopefully notice them in this piece of content, I use them in emails, job copy, and wherever else they may help. People skim read when on mobile, lots. So help them work out what they want to read.

In conclusion

Working with major brands often the fonts are defined by either systems, brand guidelines, or the job board hosting the ad.

I found this article really interesting; can we do more to engage our talent? 

I guess the answer is always yes, more can always be done. But when will we start to see wonderfully worded job copy, laid out in a beautiful way? Is it just a matter of time?