A recent study in the USA looked at what was incorporated in a typical on-boarding experience and 76% of the respondents felt that the process was underutilised.  Perhaps one of the challenges stems from the expectation of what the process is expected to achieve.  Is the hiring organisation looking at what the new employee wants to gain from the  on-boarding experience or what the employer wants to get in terms of paperwork signed off, sharing  processes and policies etc?

Day one for a new starter is day one in terms of employee engagement. Landing this well can build loyalty and commitment that will last and start the employee on a journey to becoming a true advocate and brand ambassador, disappointing them in their first few weeks will be hard to recover from.

Perhaps it is time to re-balance the process and make sure that the current 30% of the content on building awareness of the culture and employer brand is lifted not just to 50% but beyond that and that the necessary "paperwork" elements are handled in a more engaging and employee friendly manner.