As a daily barrage of stories hit the press and social channels on Gender Pay gap reporting and the energy that was generated through International Women's Day this research from Randstad in the USA highlights even more views on the inclusivity and equality.

In the UK the current gender pay gap for full-time and part-time employees stands at 18.4%. This pay gap means that women effectively work for free for the first 67 days of the year, until they begin to get paid on Women’s Pay Day which was yesterday, 8 March.

During International Women’s Day yesterday, women workers in Spain went on strike to protest gender inequality and sexual discrimination. In France, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe proposed a measure which would see companies fined for failing to erase the gender pay gap.

In the USA employees increasingly expect equality and inclusion in the workplace and the survey results show compelling evidence that this is an important issue.

 The question for employers is how to consider diversity efforts as part of their engagement efforts. It is quite clear that strategies to recruit, retain and engage more women, nonwhites, LGBTQ workers and other underrepresented groups could reduce turnover and finally move the dial more substantially.