Here's another compelling reason to look at your employee engagement: Bupa has released research showing that trust is found to be a major factor in employee retention and wellbeing.

The study which looked at workplace trust and the impact on employee wellbeing has revealed that over half (53 per cent) of employees considered it to be a major factor in whether they stayed or left a company. The Bupa research also found that nearly a quarter of UK employees (24 per cent) have left their company due to issues around trust.  

 Bupa’s research reveals that business leaders and managers can promote trust through:

  • Praising colleagues when they’ve completed a job (46 per cent) 
  • Letting them get on with tasks independently (41 per cent)
  • Taking interest in their health and wellbeing (39 per cent) 
  • Providing staff with opportunities to progress in their career (33%)