Found this report online from the guys at Beamery, and it makes quite interesting reading.

Managing a fairly large team that’s responsible for generating candidates for some well-known brands can be a fairly constant challenge, but with technology, and data we can simplify that process and ease the burden.

For the in-house recruiters out there, have a read, you’re not alone.

In the past I’ve often seen money being the answer to recruitment woes – “just throw the kitchen sink at it”. But there will reach a point where there are no more kitchen sinks left. Then what?

With the advent of data and the ability to apply that data and use source tracking we should all have the ability to use our brains. Very roughly it works like this...

It works!

Advertise somewhere and measure it, if it delivers applications, great. But the next step is; are you hiring them? If you are, keep spending! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but is there an opportunity to refine and improve?

It doesn’t!

If it’s not giving you either applications or hires, stop spending. If it’s not delivering hires, take a look at the message, it sounds like the ad may be causing a quality issue.

Then what?

Talent pools, email marketing, community management...

Anyway, here’s the report.