You best get it right on your social media – because Rihanna and Kylie Jenner are watching.

And one incident of side-eye from an influencer like them can wipe hundreds of millions off your share price.

Last week, Snapchat ran a 'Would you rather' advert for a mobile game, offering readers a choice between slapping Rihanna or punching Chris Brown. 

Heaven only knows how such an advert got past the high standards of an app that allows users to puke rainbows, but it did... and Rihanna spoke out, causing a share price tumble for Snap Inc.

For the comparatively mild offence of changing their layout, the platform attracted a derisory tweet from Kylie Jenner that erased more than a billion dollars from its market value.

It just goes to show how powerful social influencers can be. Whether it be a shrinking market value as Rihanna enacts social justice, or a movement like #metoo, social media gives voice and scalability to the spotlight that goes on businesses and individuals when they do the wrong thing.

Good news for businesses who are doing the right thing. Bad news for those who aren't. Social means that whatever you're doing, you're going to get talked about.