The voice of your employees is a massive noise if you can capture it and get them engaged in sharing your employer brand among talent audiences. The sum of their followers will outweigh an organisations own network by a large multiple and their voice is more believable than the corporate voice so why not use this great asset to your advantage in your wider resourcing and engagement strategies.

This is a classic case of not eating the elephant all in one go!  Where do you start?  This blog provides some really useful ideas as to how to begin.  Start with a pilot and use the social enthusiasts as your early movers.  It is natural activity for them and all they need is some direction and encouragement.

Then you can start to widen the team to include the social majority. 

When TMP conducted our webinar on Employee Advocacy ( recently one of the great insights form our panel was that you don't need to stress too much about engagement levels today to begin a programme as it is your brand advocates that will pick up the baton and get involved and from their they found that engagement grows whatever the start point.

In a world where we look to be efficient and invest wisely this is a no brainer.