We live and operate in a world where we want a speedy, efficient service.  One click purchasing is ideal but whilst as consumers we are seeing a true shift in experience is that equally true when we think of the job seeker experience.  The candidate journey is often focused much more on the employer needs rather than the job seeker.

As consumers we also like personalisation but again how well is this replicated in the candidate journey?

A survey conducted by TMP asked the question of employers about feedback.  Recruiters believed they gave it and jobseekers believed that getting it was rare.

In my own experience things we measure are important and there is focus on improving the performance.  Do employers have the right measures in place that are looking to improve the time to hire and therefore the candidate experience or is this off the radar.

A total review of the selection tools and process could improve the quality of hire, the time to hire and the total candidate experience.  Is it time to look again?