Our friends at Social Talent posted an interesting article around the strategies to recruit passive talent.

With the UK having recently experienced periods of record employment, the active candidate market is becoming smaller and the passive market is becoming much larger. We see more jobs than candidates; and organisations are too often looking for the same talent, so how do we engage and attract that passive talent who aren’t really looking for a new opportunity.

Social Talent is right, the passive talent market really is “The Gold Mine”.

The first element of the article speaks about offering a candidate something they can’t refuse, but that isn’t always possible (We don’t pay enough!?!?!).

We have moved many from private to public sectors because we see the importance of positioning. Flexible working arrangements, better holiday, better health benefits and most famously, an enviable pension!

We found through filling roles within the public sector that the passive talent so many want to attract will move, if the role is positioned properly and will even take a drop in base salary.