Why don't hiring organisations pay attention to the data?  In a recent survey by CareerArc 60% of the respondents reported having a poor candidate experience and 72% of them shared this either online or directly with a colleague/friend.

Bad news travels fast.

With the emergence of AI and automation more applicants are doubting any human intervention in the decision making cycle when they hear nothing from their application. Their research shared the fact that a typical candidate will invest 3-4 hours in preparing and submitting their application whilst a recruiter will, on average spend less than 15 minutes reviewing an application.

The survey also comments on the silence from recruiting firms, 65% of candidates say that they never or rarely receive notice from an application and of those that do 51% say it takes more than a month.

There are some quick wins for companies looking to improve their candidate experience.

  1. Better communication during and after the application process
  2. Improve the online interface
  3. Train hiring managers better

Just over a quarter of employers have never checked what applicants are saying about their hiring process so how can they learn! On the positive front 72% of employers have invested in or plan to invest in their candidate experience in the next  year.