The Millennials - oh how we've talked about the Millennials. (Disclaimer: I know a whole generation are not all the same!) What are they like? What do they want? How do we best communicate with them? 

But there's a new generation on the block now: Gen Z. As my lovely Millennial colleague said yesterday: Does that mean I am not 'the youth' anymore? I'm still thinking of how to respond without upsetting her. Guess the answer is - compared to me you are still 'the youth'. But also: Ha! Time for you Millennials to agonise over how to talk to the 'new generation'.

I attended an event this week where Dr Eliza Filby talked about Gen Z. (The talk was brilliant, if you ever get a chance to attend an event with her, do go).  She described a generation who are 'tech innate', as opposed to Millennials who have been described as 'tech savvy'. These are the people who have grown up with smartphones. The generation which understands the negative effect of digital overload and actually values activities and experiences to help them 'switch off'. This is the generation that doesn't 'google' stuff, they search YouTube.  It's also the generation that is used to instant dialogue and access to companies online and for whom not being able to interact with an organisation before or during the recruitment process will be unlike anything else they have come to expect. Do read the article below, it's full of good insight into the next generation that will enter the job market.