We live in turbulent times with organisations grappling with digital transformation where technology is having a profound impact on the way we work. Embracing diversity, creating flexibility, leveraging the gig economy, meeting the demands of new generations, coupled with skill shortages and intense competition for talent means the employment relationship needs redefining. 

 The quote “One thing is certain, the world will never more this slowly ever again” has been attributed to a Google Engineer and the Editor of Wired Magazine, whoever said it originally captured how we’re all feeling – a sense the world and organisations are moving faster and faster and struggling to keep up and bring everyone along on the journey.  

Fosway Group in their recent HR Realities Research launched at the UNLEASH conference highlighted almost 90% of organisations see skills gaps – from soft skills to leadership – remaining as significant, if not more so in the future. In order to close these gaps, employers need to rethink how they attract, recruit, develop and retain the right people.

Employee engagement remains the number one measure for success in HR. Its biggest drivers reflect many of the top factors of the employee value proposition including the organisation’s brand, leadership behaviours and the importance of personal development

But despite an improved focus on areas such as employer reputation and employer brand for well over 70% of businesses, there is too little focus from organisations on the differentiators that will retain top talent.

Organisations that are unable to clearly articulate what makes them different risk getting left behind as the best of the talent either won’t work for them or will eventually leave to go and work somewhere else.