I came across this article and read with great interest.

Although it really doesn’t provide any solutions I think the study on which it is based highlights some very interesting points.

Almost everyone is trying to recruit females into STEM, and some are actively taking positive action, all of which is great, but are we fighting a losing battle? And is the real problem that we (living in the UK) are in a fairly gender equal country – when compared to other countries around the world?

I feel I need to say that I’m not saying that we still don’t have further to go, I honestly think we do.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a huge advocate for equality. I firmly believe that until males take more responsibility for child care women will struggle to attain true equality, as employers that is almost something we can’t do anything about, it’s a cultural thing, and it will only change with legislation and government intervention.

Clearly with the gender pay gap issues we still have quite a way to go, but the question this study then leads me on to is; if we reach true gender equality, how many women will we see wanting to work in STEM?